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Some vegetable oils may increase the risk of heart disease, research says

Some vegetable oils may increase the risk of heart disease, research says , author of the study, Richard Bazinet, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto and Dr. Michael Chu, heart surgeon in the heart of London Institute in Ontario , it said it was not clear why the oils increased risk. However, they say that it could … Read more
Line Study : Lights, Camera, MACtion Every Monday Eye on College Football Tom Forner’s take an early look at the most interesting point spreads this week to decide. It was a good opportunity college football world would be thrown into chaos last week, so many top shape, but … Read more
about 600,000 bats die wind turbines in 2012, b research show Published in Bioscience, University of Colorado, this study analyzes the records of dead bats found near wind turbines. “Dead Bats Found under wind turbines in North America,” wrote biologist Mark Hayes. “This review … Read more

b Study : Add to Latino students who attend the university, some gradutating

b Study : Add to Latino students who apply for college, some gradutating Bakersfield, Calif. – A new study published in the Campaign for College Opportunity found that though more Latinos applying to universities in California , a very small percentage of them actually graduate. According to the survey, only about 11 … Read more
Study means life began with clay, echoing Bible Creation story New research shows, the soil may be the birthplace of life on earth. Cornell University researchers found that clay was the first breeding complex biochemicals that make life possible, finding that may be reflected in the … Read more
Music research : In, YouTube, radio, fire up a crowd Music 360 report, a comprehensive, in-depth Nielsen survey of consumers interact with music in the United States, data collection 3000 online consumer surveys, with Nielsen ePanel own. “Access music has seen a tremendous … Read more