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Gene silencing research is looking for new targets for Parkinson’s disease

Gene silencing research is looking for new targets for Parkinson’s disease Researchers at the National Institute of Health have used RNA interference (RNAi) technology to display dozens of genes that may represent novel therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s disease. The results could also play a role in many diseases … Read more Medical Xpress

New genomic research offers insights into how whales adapt to ocean November 24, 2013, Shenzhen, China – In an article published in Nature Genetics, researchers Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Korea Genome Research Foundation, BGI and other organizations introduced the first high-depth whale … Read more EurekAlert (press release)

NEW research Shows Allegheny Co. Residents have a higher risk of cancer PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Residents of Allegheny County has double the cancer risk of living in the surrounding counties, according to a study from Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. “The report is actually a compilation of all the best … Read more
Harvard study To confirm the connection of love and good luck Keep each other gently, dance, small garden, silver-haired man and woman protective paper laser forms of satisfaction that the famous Harvard Study Grant spent 75 years trying to measure: What makes happy life in the “triumphs … Read more Kansas City Star

Scientists Study Best Practices really work

b Scientists Study Best Practices really work , Cambridge, MD – a group of scientists, Horn Point Research Labs in Cambridge just started a new five-year study to see if different pure water “best management practices” are really make a dent in cleaning up the Chop Tank River. “We are … Read more Outdoor WBOC TV 16
New research Find the person attractive women happier marriage A new study recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social psychology shows that people who are familiar with the appeal of the women more marital satisfaction. study conducted by psychologist Andrea Meltzer, surveyed 450 … Read more
study : Research funding has become vulnerable to the formation of bubbles Budtz Pedersen and Hendricks shows you how to “breakthrough” and “turning points” promised many projects in neuroscience, combined with the fact that recent studies indicate a number of neuroscience publications seem to lack the statistical power to … Read more R & D Magazine

Study : Cities airport lines to draw more contracts

b Study : Cities airport lines to draw more conventions A new study says cities that provide rail access to the airport to attract more conventions and business meetings than in cities without them. It is somewhat after the fact, good news for Salt Lake City, where the new airport Trax line opened in April. Read more …
Newtown Anniversary brings Nonsense Other violent gun Study The study, “Gun Violence Strategy in films, “by Dan Romer, teens Communication Institute in Annenberg public policy center, and Brad J. Bushman, professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, has been … Read more

Do you use all your vacation time? b Study says Americans go half a billion

Do you use all your vacation time? b Study says Americans go half a billion Create “Vacation deprivation” survey and Harris Interactive suggests that “Americans treat vacation as a real luxury,” according to today Travel. Investigations found employees in the U.S. are 14 days just stood … Read more Muslim women are more likely to suffer attacks with Islam than men – research Muslim women are more likely to have Islam in their attacks than men , especially if they are wearing a niqab or other clothing associated with their faith, a study has found. Maybe we hate, a report on the impact of Islam in … Read more The Guardian

b Study : socio-economic status can affect hearing

b Study : socio-economic status can affect hearing There has been a lot of research on the different ways that poverty can take toll on children – health, literacy and behavior, for example. A new study now shows how socio-economic status can affect hearing. Erika Skoe, University … Read more
Weight Loss can fight arrhythmias, Study says New research shows people in strict weight management program experienced a five-fold decrease in the severity of symptoms of atrial fibrillation, compared with those who received only nutrition and fitness advice. Dieter also had 4.5 … Read more Louisiana bucks rut ​​in the beginning, a former deer research Manager says State’s former deer study leader, who is fanatical about fishing when conditions are right and leave the forest alone when they are not used Arctic blast last week to add some meat in the freezer of his time chasing his little complications … Read more Want to help cure cancer? Join National Cancer prevention research Wednesday, November 13, 2013, Penny Pace-Cannon, 55, a reference librarian Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, Central Library, 12-year cancer survivor, was diagnosed with leukemia. As five years to live, one of his new … Read more

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Study link to the physical examination, the results of poor students Although the results of the study were presented at a meeting of peers, they have yet to do a full peer review, but scientists had seen some preliminary was similar to the importance of continuous research in New York. “It is … Read more
widowhood effect,” the strongest in the first three months of the year: Research When a spouse dies, the surviving spouse faces a higher risk of dying in the next few months, and according to a new report. Previous studies have examined the effects of so-called widowhood. But it was not clear how long … Read more
Pentagon research may lead to the closure of the military school at Fort Rucker and b … A new Department of Defense funded research will explore the possibility of closing schools are stateside military bases, including Fort Rucker in Dothan and Montgomery Maxwell Air Force Base. DOD has concluded Rand … Read more href href = “”> Birmingham News – (blog)

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hiring Despite many calls for law schools to improve the way of life, a new study suggests that you should not hold your breath. The study examined all recent hiring faculty tenure-track system in a given year. And even though the reports and op-eds calling … Read more
Cabell school starts digital math Research Davis Creek Elementary in Barboursville help Kick off the new U.S. Education funded survey impact digital mathematics curriculum for the classroom to learn. Advertiser. BARBOURSVILLE – Drew Elkins, fifth grade … Read more href href = “”> Daily Mail – Charleston
Hollywood A-Listers Are Way overpaid , Study says According to the index – a three-year study, which is based on ticket sales and video rental movies per year is 65,000 employees in more than Hollywood career – Steven Spielberg to produce the most money, mean $ 27.4. .. Read more about

Some vegetable oils may increase the risk of heart disease, research says

Some vegetable oils may increase the risk of heart disease, research says , author of the study, Richard Bazinet, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto and Dr. Michael Chu, heart surgeon in the heart of London Institute in Ontario , it said it was not clear why the oils increased risk. However, they say that it could … Read more
Line Study : Lights, Camera, MACtion Every Monday Eye on College Football Tom Forner’s take an early look at the most interesting point spreads this week to decide. It was a good opportunity college football world would be thrown into chaos last week, so many top shape, but … Read more
about 600,000 bats die wind turbines in 2012, b research show Published in Bioscience, University of Colorado, this study analyzes the records of dead bats found near wind turbines. “Dead Bats Found under wind turbines in North America,” wrote biologist Mark Hayes. “This review … Read more

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b Study : Record number of foreign students hit the U.S. WASHINGTON – Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students are flocking to U.S. colleges and universities, helping to drive the number of foreign students studying in America to record levels. Similarly, the all-time most American students … Read more
Study : racist attitudes Connection Gun Ownership The study also found the ratio of gun ownership in the U.S. is twice as high among whites and blacks. And white Americans were against gun control policy much more than black Americans. However, white gun owners found that statistically … Read more CBS Local

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Lawmakers research cost changes to state pension plans would be economically feasible, the state of Minnesota to scrap the current guaranteed pension and instead offer 401 (k)-like plan for public employees? There seems to be a key state legislator vexing law … Read more
dangerous Hospitals in July only sickest: study Rumor has it the worst time place to be sick is a teaching hospital in July when the new doctors-in-training and other departments should be encouraged. A new study of heart attack patients seems worse this pattern is known as “ July … Read more
gaze of the child can Autism signs, Study Searches The study released Wednesday by researchers using eye-tracking technology revealed that children who were found with autism at age 3 was less in the eyes of people when they were children, but children who received autism. But otherwise … Read more The New York Times (blog)